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Summer Vacation

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who gave me suggestions for my summer reading. I have compiled quite a list. I was able to get started on it this past week when I snuck down to Ocean City, New Jersey, for a few days. I have scheduled a longer vacation at the end of August. I am planning a nine-day road trip to Door County, Wisconsin. Along the way I hope to visit my twenty-first Presidential Library, this time Gerald Ford’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From Grand Rapids I’ll head north to Mackinaw Island and then continue on to Door County. I can’t wait!

I believe that going on vacation is one of life’s great joys and gives us a hint of what heaven will be like! “Vacation” - the word evokes happy memories and the desire to create new ones. Vacation comes from a Latin word meaning “freedom” or “exemption.” It is defined as a “scheduled period during which activity is suspended. A period of exemption from work for rest and relaxation.”

We Americans, for various reasons, are vacationing less than ever. We use fewer vacation days than any other people in the industrialized world. Can that possibly be a good trend? As we have all heard, “No one at the end of life has ever wished that they had spent more time at work.” Perhaps, it is time we took that advice to heart.

I pray that you too have the opportunity this summer to enjoy some vacation. We don’t need to go very far. We just need to exempt ourselves from work and routine. Study after study has shown that we are happier and more productive when we take the time to just rest and relax. I look forward to hearing about the church you visited for Mass while on your vacation.  

God Bless!
Father Denny


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