Have a question about us? Want to know where we are, how to get married here, or if we offer CCD classes? We hope this is where you'll find the answers!

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General Questions

Location, directions, parking, handicap provisions and more...

Can I bring my infants/children to Mass?
Do I have to be Catholic to go to Mass in your church?
Do you have easy handicap access?
Do you offer anything for the hearing impaired at your Masses?
Do you welcome (or accept) non-Catholics?
How can I join your parish?
How can I tell others about your church?
Where are you and how do I get there?
Where can I park?


All about baptisms for young and old...

Can my child be baptized here if I am a single parent?
Can my child be baptized here if my husband/spouse is not Catholic?
Can my child be baptized here?
Can we schedule private baptisms?
How far in advance should I schedule a baptism?
What process do I go through if I am an adult looking to be baptized into the Catholic Church?


Dates, times, schedules, events...

What are your Mass times?
What are your Office Hours?
What is your Holy Day Schedule?
What is your Reconciliation schedule?
Where can I find out about Church events (other than scheduled services)?


Contact information for various situations...

How can I contact the pastor directly?
Whom do I contact if I want to be married at OMGC?
Whom do I contact if I want to have someone baptized at OMGC?
Whom do I contact if my family is looking to become parishioners at this parish?


Education programs for children and adults...

Do you have a CCD program?
How can I enroll my child in the Religious Education Program at OMGC?
How do I sign up for RCIA?


Funerals, last rites, special prayers...

Do you have a Bereavement program?
How can I arrange a funeral? Quickly!
If I am not a member of the parish and want to arrange for a funeral in the Church, whom do I contact?


Singing, choir, musicians, hymns...

Is there a choir I could join at OMGC?


Parish and outreach programs, community links...

Do you have any programs for seniors?
Do you have any programs to help homeless people?
Do you have any programs to help sick people?


Our newsletters, bulletins, and more...

Do you have past issues of your Bulletin?
Do you offer any Newsletters I might get?
How can I get an announcement into your Bulletin?
How can I subscribe to your online Newsletters?
How do I unsubscribe from your online Newsletters?


Opportunities in ministries, programs and more...

Are there any ways I could become more involved in the Mass?


Anything to do with youth...

Is there a youth group at OMGC?
What does the youth group at OMGC do?


All about getting married at Our Mother of Good Counsel...

Can we bring another choir or musician to our wedding?
Can we bring another priest to preside over our wedding?
Can we get married here?
Do I need to be a current parishioner to be married at OMGC?
Does my fiancé need to be Catholic to be married at OMGC?
How can I book a wedding?
How far in advance do I need to schedule my wedding at OMGC?